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Smart and Innovative Water Technologies


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Looking for ways to lower your water consumption? Lots of our members regularly release several new, interesting catalogs on PhilBIG. Check out some of our favorites for water technologies:

The latest on water technologies

So you’ve decided to watch your water consumption while also caring for the environment on the sides. Did you know that we have a whole line-up of related products and services that works exactly just like that?

Enter water technologies, our specially-curated directory of bathroom fixture and accessories targeting lower water consumption – all the while keeping your bathrooms in style.

Our top stories for water technologies

An overview of some of our greatest finds on water technologies right now:

Read the article on Water saving toilet1. Water-Saving Toilet. Hop on one of the most-searched items online, water-saving toilets that are efficient and just as stylish







Read the article on Thin Sleek Bathroom Fixture2. Thin, sleek bathroom fixture. Small bathroom? No problem! See our top picks of slim and sleek fixtures for a modern bathroom look no matter the size



Read the article on Walk in Bathtub3. Walk-in bathtub. Achieving a comfortable bathtub experience doesn’t always have to be expensive. Make each bath a little more practical and convenient with a walk-in bathtub


Read the article on Smart toilet seat4. Smart toilet seat. Upgrade your typical water closet into a smarter and more hygienic version with a smart toilet seat – have your business complete with literally a few clicks



Read the article on Family friendly bathroom5. Family-friendly bathroom. What makes a bathroom “friendly” for all members of the family? It all boils down to how you pick your bathroom fixtures and accessories – allow us to guide you with that




Each article has our very own PhilBIG Picks – with product recommendations to guide you on your next home depot trip!

Join our growing community of building and construction materials suppliers

Are you a building supplier wanting to share your products with the world? Or are you a homeowner planning to build your dream home?

For our homeowner readers, we hope that we inspired you to venture outside your traditional toilet fixture and look for water-saving options. For building suppliers who want to be one of us, join our growing community of building and construction materials suppliers by signing up as a member of PhilBIG! Register today and submit your first catalog for free.

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