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Thin, Sleek Bathroom Fixture


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Your bathroom may be the smallest space in your home, but did you know that a few tweaks can make it look bigger than it actually is? Live large no matter the size by looking for the latest range of slim and sleek toilet basics that truly embody a contemporary, chic aesthetic.

Ranging from lavatories, faucets, showers, to toilet seats, these ultra-thin fixtures are specially-designed to seek the limits of the materials from which they are made, all the while ensuring you’ll get the most of your bathroom space. In an era where everything is built to be “space-saving,” the dimensional characteristics of these fixtures are ideal for any type of home environment – even those with a single bathroom.

Take your traditional lavatory for an example. While similar lavatories have an average thickness of 16 mm, slimmer lavatories may be as thin as 5 mm. Dainty and delicate at first glance, the sleek look of their thin-wall edges are actually designed to be harder and more durable than your average ceramic.

Just because your bathroom sits on a conservative floor space doesn’t mean it’s destined to remain a strictly practical room. With these stylishly sleek bathroom fixtures paired against unexpected storage areas and smart finishes, these small spaces can be truly “big” on style.


Thin Sleek Bathroom Fixture Lavatory Round1. Kohler Thin Trends 
Worldwide, thin precision and sleek aesthetics is trending across contemporary bathrooms. At Kohler, we spend a lot of our energy, time and passion trying to understand the world around us and bring global bath space trends to India. Introducing Kohler’s latest range of sleek and slim products that appeal to those with an eye for detail.



Thin Sleek Bathroom Fixture Round and Square2. Grohe Lineare 

The cosmopolitan aesthetic of Lineare is minimal yet highly inviting. In keeping with the concept of minimalism, Lineare has been reduced to only the necessary elements to achieve the thinnest possible appearance. The line is based on a composition of two simple geometric structures – cylindrical bodies and thin rectangular forms of the handle and spout create beautiful harmonious compositions.



3. Sanitec Marbella Free Standing Tub 
Free-standing bathtub with
overflow, with slim line waste
with KR001 fixation bracket
Volume Capacity (liters): 320

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