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Home-Use Aluminum Stored-Pressure Powder Fire Extinguisher


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The stored-pressure powder fire extinguisher “ALTESIMO” has an aluminum body, featuring rustproof and higher safety. This next-generation type is lighter than the existing steel fire extinguishers by 20 to 27 percent in total weight.

Easy to use for all
Weight reduction has been achieved by using aluminum in the container. Universal design has been introduced to make the product user friendly.
The product label uses fonts and colors that can be easily recognized by all.

Reliability – the magnitude of security
ALTESIMO is a stored-pressure powder extinguisher. With pressurized nitrogen gas kept inside, the container never suffers from an abrupt pressure when the extinguisher is operated, ensuring safety.

A new standard of aesthetic design
Taking advantage of the aluminum texture, the body is painted in metallic colors to be weatherproof and resistant to corrosion.

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