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Catalog Submission Rules

Kindly keep the community happy by following the basic guidelines below.

Featured Image (required)
  1. The image must not exceed 2MB in file size.
  2. Please do not use blurry or low-quality images. Upload the best quality image to represent the item.
  3. Only images with the file extension of jpg, png, or gif are allowed.
  4. The image must not contain any other image or text overlay.
Title of Item (required)
  1. Please provide the appropriate name for the item you are posting.
  2. No contact details such as contact number, email address, or such should appear in the title.
  3. Capitalize each word of the title.
  4. The title of the project must not exceed 20 words.
  5. The system will not allow duplicate titles.
Item Description (required)
  1. The description should not exceed 500 words.
  2. The description should be text-based only. Images are not allowed in this area.
  3. You can use the editor tools to format the words.
  4. Contact details such as address, email, website, or phone numbers should not appear inside the description. The submission will be disapproved.
Category (required)
  1. Choose a primary category that best describes the project.
Tags (optional)
  1. Tags should be separated by a comma. For example, tag1, tag2, tag3
  2. You are allowed up to eight (8) tag words per item submission
Project Webpage (optional)
  1. This is to provide a link back to the legitimate project web page or the designer’s website.
  2. The link should not point to online publication sites or social media sites.
Supporting Images (optional)
  1. You are allowed to upload up to six (6) supporting images for the item submission
  2. Ideally images must be at least 800px in width.
  3. Each supporting image must not exceed 1MB in file size.
  4. Only images with the file extension of jpg, png, or gif are allowed.
  5. Both portrait or landscape orientations are allowed for supporting images.
  6. Images must not contain any other image or text overlay.

Now that you have read the rules, please feel free to feature your product or service at the catalog section.

Kindly allow us some time to review after submission.

Any item submission not following the rules will have to be edited or it will be deleted from the database. If you have any questions regarding the submission rules, kindly leave your comments below.